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How To Get Creative Upgrading Plumbing Fixtures While $aving

Have you ever wanted to change out that ole’ kitchen faucet to a nice gooseneck style for more clearance while filling or washing a huge pot? Well, here's a way to do that while using the savings to upgrade the bathroom fixtures too. Open up your options by purchasing them, yourself, online. Pick one out that will match the sink or deck holes (ex. single, double, triple) along with the supply lines, if needed, because a plumber will up-charge those. Doing it this way will save you at least $200 or more, per fixture. The average labor cost for a kitchen faucet replacement is $259, with most plumbing companies. A decent faucet at Lowe's is around $180. A plumber will mark material up 20% if they provide it. Therefor, you can be into a full install, with most shops, for around $500 plus they will work their trip fee in there too. By doing some research, you can find the price of two faucets equating to the cost to replace a few more, if not within the entire home. So, don't feel pressured if you paid for a trip fee with an exorbitant estimate. You can still salvage your project and save money. Personally, I've come behind those calls and saved a customer $800 for the same job. I’m happy to say she felt better about the $70 trip fee and time spent with the industry standard company.

There aren't many, but it is possible to find a plumber that will give a ballpark on what it would take to replace a customer supplied fixture. If they can't, they are salesmen, they’re not plumbers. With inflation and companies that monopolize the industry in abundance, people are getting creative to save a buck by giving their business to the independent plumber who can still make a living with a clear conscience.

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